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You Guessed It…More One of a Kind Pieces!

You Guessed It…More One of a Kind Pieces!

As you all will know, we have been busy bees getting all stocked up on our bologna cut tree round log slices in a variety of different species!  They can be used for tons of different items such as end table tops, night stands, cutting boards, serving platters, cake plates, clock faces, etc!

Have you taken a peek at the Maple ones?  We have some Hard Red Leaf Maple tree rounds, and we have a ton of Spalted Ambrosia Maple log slices. The Spalted Ambrosia Maple pieces are loaded with black lines, smoky spalt, gorgeous ambrosia and tons of character!  Why not make a table top out of these guys? And what more to complete your set than making a coffee table as well?

These oval cut Spalted Ambrosia Maple slabs that have recently been added to the site would make the perfect finishing touch to a pair of end tables!  The ovals are cut in a very specific manner to give you that awesome oval shape with tons of figure and absolutely amazing colors!  Who would pass this up?!

Be sure to check out our Facebook Page to keep up to date on all of the items our customers have made, and to see the newest things going on at the shop!  And don’t forget! Now through Monday, June 25, 2012 – use coupon code SUMMER15 and save 15% off of your total purchase on our website!

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