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Solid Wood Centerpieces for Your Dining Table
solid wood centerpieces for your dining table

Solid Wood Centerpieces for Your Dining Table

Are you looking for a way to spice up your table décor for the holiday season? We at The Lumber Shack cannot think of a better way than to add a natural touch with a solid wood centerpiece! These days, much of what you find in a department store is made of particle board and will not last for years to come, but a real wooden centerpiece can be used time and time again without worry. Keep reading for some great wood centerpiece ideas for your home!

Wooden Candle Holder

What is better than walking into a beautifully decorated room filled with a scent that just makes you feel cozy? One great idea for a wood centerpiece that would easily invoke this feeling is a candle holder! These can be all sorts of shapes and sizes and can truly be customized to your liking. Do you prefer a rustic, live edge look or a sleek, flat and modern look? The world is your oyster!

Rustic Box Wood Centerpiece

Are you a fan of adding loads of color in your décor but don’t feel like tidying it up every day? A rustic, live edge box would make a fantastic wood centerpiece for your home! With a box, most of the decoration can be contained which makes for very easy clean up. This is also a great multi-season option since you can change up the decor as the year goes on! If you are a fan of redecorating for every holiday, a rustic box wood centerpiece would be perfect for you.

Wood Carved Bowl

Similar to the wooden box idea discussed before, a carved bowl would serve as a wonderful centerpiece. Instead of the harsh lines of a box, the gentle curve of a wooden bowl can help to soften your table décor. There are tons of incredibly gifted artisans who hand turn or carve tons of items – including bowls. Check out your local options or give hand carving a try for a DIY option!

Serving Tray Wood Centerpiece

A multifunctional wood centerpiece makes for the most versatile décor. Adding a serving tray to the center of your table and dressing it up for the season is a great way to get some use out of something that often doesn’t come out unless you have company over. Similar to the above options, a serving tray can be an item fit for any season and can be made in a number of different styles. Do you like the natural look of a live edge board? Maybe you prefer clean edges. You can also add design features like metal handles or engravings to customize the wood serving tray to your home’s aesthetic.

Bonus Ideas for Other Parts of Your Home


Cookbook Holder

If you are still an avid cookbook user (since using just your phone can be quite a pain), a wood cookbook holder can be a great asset to have in your kitchen! Not only does it help to keep your recipes at eye level, but it can also serve as a beautiful wood centerpiece for your kitchen!


If you’ve ever seen a lovely wooden coffee table riddled with cup rings from the various beverages that are placed on it daily, you can appreciate a good coaster. Adding something simple such as a wood coaster can add nice, but practical, flair. If you want to give it a try yourself, they are a quick and easy project that can even be done with scraps from previous projects!

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