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Wishing You a

Wishing You a

Hey all!  Long time no quack!  Things have been so busy around here, we’ve hardly had any time to flap our wings in the pond and take a swim!

Between the high demand in new finished furniture to the saw a’buzzin day in and day out, we have hardly had a chance to rest!  I think it’d be safe to say we are looking forward to a nice, relaxing Easter weekend to laze around, spend time with family and eat some good grub!

What are you doing for Easter?!  We will be up at the “quack” of dawn running around and making sure everything’s ready for the boys to wake up and enjoy their traditional Easter activities!  Arriving yesterday around 3:00, we got some extra visitors, so this Easter will be loads of fun!

Let us know what your Easter traditions are on our Facebook Page!  Planning to work on some projects this weekend?  Post them to our page for everyone to see! We love keeping up with our customers!

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