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Why We Use Rubio Monocoat For Our Table Tops
Using rubio monocoat as a finish

Why We Use Rubio Monocoat For Our Table Tops

If you want to have wood tabletop that lasts a lifetime, then it will require a protective coating (also known as a finish or sealant). This is so that the tabletop is protected from blemishes, water damage, and protected against warping and shifting. Besides the benefit of protecting the wood, finishes also bring out the natural grains and character of the wood and really makes it pop!

Why Do We Use Rubio Monocoat?

With over 13 years of experience, The Lumber Shack has experimented with a variety of different finishing techniques and products to save you the headache and time! Here at the Lumber Shack, one of the finishes we use is Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C, a Belgian hard wax oil finish. Check out our hands on experience and learn more about this product below to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Highlights the natural color/character of the wood

Our main decision maker for choosing Rubio Monocoat as our finish was because of its natural look on our slabs as well as the feel of the finish. Rubio Monocoat does a fantastic job at preserving the wood’s basic textures and grains. It’s a matte sheen level that provides the perfect wood finish. The Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil, unlike traditional wood finishes, does not sit on top of the wood to seal it, which can cause a plastic-like or artificial appearance. This finish sinks down into the wood, allowing the natural appearance and texture to be well preserved. This makes it the perfect option if you’re wanting to keep your piece as authentic as possible!

Durable Finish

Rubio Monocoat compliments its amazing looks with durability. It was originally designed for hardwood floors so it was built to stand up to daily use and is a water resistant oil finish. With Rubio Monocoat blemishes and scratches do not typically leave white lines, like most film-building finishes do, and can be easily repaired right inside your home.

Maintenance & Repair

It is also easy to care for, refresh, and repair at home. It is a natural finish that can be applied indoors without worries of toxic fumes and is super easy to apply!  If blemishes leave raw wood exposed, fresh Rubio Monocoat oil can be used to repair, and it will only bond to the exposed wood, removing the need to sand the entire top to fix one small area like traditional wood finishes.

Extra points!

It offers a variety of colors for customer’s to choose from if you want to alter the look of the wood at all! We’ve used their Chocolate on an Ash Oval and Midnight Indigo on a Maple Round and the results were stunning!

Would you use one of their colored finishes or would you prefer to keep it natural with their Pure option?

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