What Type of Wood is the Best?

What Type of Wood is the Best?

“What wood type would be the best for my project?” This is a question we get quite often and the simple answer is… all of them!  Any wood type can work for a project depending on the work you’re able or willing to put into it. Hardwoods such as Black WalnutWhite Oak, and Ash wood are usually preferred for bar tops, table tops, and vanities, but Soft Woods such as Maple, Cottonwood and Hackberry can also be used for these with a little extra work.

  This Cottonwood Round Slab is a perfect example! Cottonwood is soft by nature and is prone to having soft/punky areas in the wood. These characteristics leave it low on the list for table top projects because of the extra stabilization needed to stay flat and solid. We stabilized this slab using C-Channel Struts and a mix of Clear and Black Epoxy to create a stunning final product, and because our customer was willing to take the extra time and steps, they now have this unique, one-of-a-kind table top to enjoy for years to come! This Black Walnut Table Top is another great example! Black Walnut is a hardwood, which is great for table top projects, but this beautiful set was passed over many times because of the large voids. Once the right customer found this piece, it was transformed with Black Epoxy into a stunning Conference Table Top!  At the end of the day, it is all about making an educated choice on what slab or wood type is best for your project. Our detailed item listings give you everything you’ll need to know if a piece is perfect or if it is a little more work than you’re ready for, and as always, if you have questions we are here to help!

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