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What is Reclaimed Wood?
Reclaimed Wood Slabs

What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been retrieved and reprocessed in one way or another. This can mean it is recovered from an old structure such as a barn or shed, or that the wood was saved from being chipped or cut into firewood.

All of our locally sourced logs have been saved from being turned into mulch or ending up in someone’s firepit. We work with local tree services and reclaim their logs from residential takedowns, urban development projects, and sustainable forest management. With these logs being destined for destruction, we are able to reclaim, reprocess, and give them a new purpose! 

Our sawyers assess each log as they come in and determine the best way to slab it depending on its size and characteristics. Our goal is to utilize as much of the log as possible while ensuring we have options for as many projects as possible! From tree slices to tables to charcuterie boards, each log is processed into slabs destined to be enjoyed in someone’s home for years to come.


Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood

There are a lot of benefits to using Reclaimed Wood for your projects! First and foremost, no one will have a piece like yours. Each cut of a tree is unique and different, so you’ll never have to hear “So and So has that too!” when showing off your home’s latest addition. You can also rest easy, and maybe brag a little, knowing this is a sustainably sourced material!

Using reclaimed or salvaged in an item description can lead you to believe the material is “less” in quality, but that is not the case! Reclaimed Wood is a high quality option, and gives you a lot of natural characteristics that commercially produced materials just can’t replicate! Natural Reclaimed Wood offers a variety of colors and characters within the wood grain in each wood species. For example, reclaimed Black Walnut wood isn’t just brown like you see in traditional commercial options. Black Walnut naturally offers various shades of brown, white sap-wood, and even shades of reds and purples!

Reclaimed wood also gives you an opportunity to take something “old” or “plain” and give it a new life! You can decide to simply finish the piece as it is to maintain all of the natural charm and character, or add in elements such as epoxy, glass, etc. to transform it into something completely new.


Reclaimed Wood Project Inspiration

Check out our Inspiration Galleries to see examples of different ways to use Reclaimed Wood in your home!

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