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Unique & Rustic is Our Middle Name

Unique & Rustic is Our Middle Name

Hello All!

We have been experimenting and playing around with different ideas in the past few months, and have come up with some pieces we really think you’ll enjoy!

I’m sure you’ve seen some of our listings of the round and oval cut log slices, and some of you have wondered what the heck someone would do with those!  There are a number of interesting ideas and projects we’ve seen, a few of our favorites including table centerpieces, rustic cake platters, cutting boards, name plates, clock faces, etc.  Coming soon, we have a few 24″ in diameter Spalted Ambrosia Maple log slice bologna cuts, and can’t wait to see what you do!

Another interesting piece ready to be showcased are our small log cuts.  These cuts are encased in live edge all the way around, and are super fun to work with. The neatest idea we’ve come across for these guys is to turn them into a solid Black Walnut bowl.  We’ve also seen people make them into candle votives, center pieces, and more!

Don’t forget!  We are now adding 160 items to our inventory each week!  That’s up 60% from what we were doing before.  Check back frequently, as our products are ever changing and each as unique as the last!

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