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Super Unique, Rustic Wall Art

Super Unique, Rustic Wall Art

Have you ever ran short of ideas, or seen an awesome slab that you HAVE to snatch up, but don’t know what you’d do with it?  How about making it into a unique, rustic piece of wall art?!

Pictured by the top paragraph is one of our favorite pieces of wall art we’ve seen yet!  It’s a super burly, blue spalted pine slab that was varnished and will soon be hanging on our walls!  It’s filled with character and screams look at me, don’t you think? We think it looks like a broccoli floret, what do you think?

Next you’ll see a beautiful box elder slab with red and blue spalting, and loaded with fiddleback.  It would look awesome hanging on the wall, but another neat use for this would be as a bar or table top (It will need stabilized.  We think a glass top would look really cool!) This piece has recently been listed to the site, along with the Spalted Ambrosia Maple slab pictured to the right.

This super rustic Spalted Ambrosia Maple slab was just too cool to sell unfinished and raw, so we had to varnish it up to see what it would look like as a wall art piece.  It would look really neat above a door way or a large window! As mentioned above, it was just recently listed and is ready for purchase! Snatch yours up today!

Don’t forget to send us your pictures once you place your piece of wall art in it’s spot!  We would love to see the neat things you do with our stuff! You can check out our Facebook Page or our customer photo album on our website to see what our other customers have done!

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