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7 Small Live Edge Projects for Beginners (+ 2 Bonus Projects!)
Small Live Edge Projects | The Lumber Shack

7 Small Live Edge Projects for Beginners (+ 2 Bonus Projects!)

Are you looking to get into live edge wood but don’t know where to start? Have you seen those big, beautiful live edge tables all over the internet and now you want in? Are huge projects like that warding you off from getting started? Well, you’re in luck! In this post, we will go over some great projects to get you started with small live edge project slabs so that you can see what the hype is all about!

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7 Small Live Edge Projects for Beginners

Cribbage Boards

Cribbage boards can be a ton of fun, because there are very few rules when it comes to making them. All you need is to figure out what size board you want to use and then find or make a template for the holes. You can use a standard template like the one you find on store-bought boards, or you can make your own path like this artist did. One of the best things about cribbage boards is that you don’t need a huge board to make one. Check out the great example below!
Live edge cribbage board
Cribbage board by The Lumber Shack customer Bill Brown

Floating Shelves

You and I both know that you can never have enough shelving available whether it be for your shop or in your home. Floating shelves are a really convenient way to keep small things off of other surfaces without having huge, ugly brackets holding it up. While plain floating shelves are great and all, why not step it up with a live edge? All you need to do is get the board looking nice and slap it on the wall! There are a ton of hardware options available at your local hardware store or on Amazon. See below for some cool examples!

Bathtub Trays

It’s common knowledge that no bath is complete without a candle and a glass of wine. While you could precariously set both of those items on the edge of the bathtub, why not just make a live edge bathtub tray instead? These trays can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like, so you can use this small live edge project as an opportunity to branch out and see what you can do!

Coat Rack

Fall is right around the corner, so that means that you and yours will be taking all of the jackets and coats out of storage to be put to good use. Now would be the perfect time to build a custom live edge coat rack to hold all of your gear! All you need is a beautiful slab and a handful of hooks, but this is yet another project that can be customized and built upon to your needs and imagination! 

Charcuterie Boards

A charcuterie board is an obvious choice when considering a small live edge project, but they are a great project to test out new skills or showcase some creativity! There are TONS of ways you can turn a slab into a charcuterie board, so we challenge you to find one that speaks to you. Check out the photos below to see what customers of The Lumber Shack have created!

Armrest Table

Functional furniture is always going to come in handy. One item that we think would be a good place to start is an armrest table for your couch! These guys are built to fit snugly on the arm of your couch so that you can place a coffee cup, the book you are reading, or anything else you might want by your side when lounging on your couch. While most of these are pretty minimal, you could go as far as adding cup holders, dishes to hold loose items, or whatever else comes to mind to make it work for your space. An armrest table with a live edge will be a useful but totally unique addition to any living room!

Live Edge Sign

Not in the need of more furniture at the moment? Maybe your walls are looking a little bare. You can make a small live edge project slab into a sign that you can proudly display in your home – or maybe in the shop until you’ve had more practice 😉. Customers of The Lumber Shack have done an excellent job of putting their small slabs to use and we encourage you to do the same! Check out their work below.

2 BONUS Projects for Scrap Wood!


Coasters are a must-have around the home so that your furniture stays in tip-top shape! You can use the little leftover bits from larger projects to make coasters however you see fit! While some people choose to  use epoxy when making theirs, you can easily make one out of solid wood with the right scraps. Try it out and show us what you come up with!

Bottle Openers

The last small live edge project on our list is a bottle opener! We have seen all kinds of bottle openers starting with a single slab with an opener attached and hung on a wall to ones that include magnets and others that have a box at the bottom to hold on to caps. This is another project that you could easily bring to live using leftover cuts from a prior live edge build and turn it into whatever you can imagine!

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