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Shop Finishes: Satin Lacquer vs. Rubio Monocoat
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Shop Finishes: Satin Lacquer vs. Rubio Monocoat

There are tons of different finishes on the market and each come with their own sets of pros and cons. Over the years we’ve tested and tried dozens, narrowing it down to two: Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C and the Gemini Gem Coat Pre-Cat Satin Lacquer. These are two amazing, durable products that maintain the natural character of the wood while protecting it from day to day wear. We are often asked what the differences are between the two products, so we put together some notes on each option along with some photo examples for you below:

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Shop Finish

Rubio’s Oil Plus 2C is a natural hardwax oil finish that seals the wood with one single layer. It protects finished pieces from water, heat, and daily wear and tear. This finish sinks into the wood to seal it rather than sitting on the surface. This really enriches the woods natural color tones and pulls out the character in the grain while leaving a more natural texture. While we prefer to use their Pure (clear) finish to highlight the wood itself, Rubio offers 55 different color options to help make the piece JUST right!

Caring for your finished piece is easy, but Rubio does recommend using their maintenance and care products to protect the integrity of the finish. If using commercial or store bought cleaners, there is a chance the finish could be damaged. These products are economical and easily available on Rubio’s Website!


Gemini GemCoat Pre-Cat Satin Lacquer Shop Finish

GemCoat Pre-Cat Satin Lacquer provides the same protections from water, heat, and wear and tear in just two to three thin coats. In addition to being extremely durable, it is phthalate free making it safe for surfaces such as dining tables, bar tops, and counters. The Satin finish is a more traditional finish that sits on top of the wood to seal it. This leaves a smooth surface and highlights the woods natural character with a beautiful, satin sheen!

Caring for your lacquer finished furniture is simple! You’ll just need a damp rag and mild soap, as needed, to keep the surface clean and protected over time.


Regardless of the finish you have on your solid wood piece, it is always important to care and store the piece in the optimal environment to prevent warping, cracking, or any defects within the finish. You can read more on our Product Care & Warranty Information page.

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