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Santa Paid The Lumber Shack an Early Visit!

Santa Paid The Lumber Shack an Early Visit!

This Just In!

Today, we received a lot of eight air dried Black Walnut highly figured rat tail crotch slabs that we just couldn’t wait to cut into!  In the pictures, you’ll see the lot laying out in the sun, ready to be worked on, and the first cut into these bad boys. It was a very exciting day at The Lumber Shack, take a look at the YouTube Video here!

Whether you are an avid hunter, your buddy enjoys hunting, or you just like to check out neat new projects, you can’t miss this!  These super figured crotch slabs have been air dried, and are about to be cut into a variety of exhibition shotgun buttstocks, forearms, rifle gunstocks and more!  The majority of the gunstocks will be ready to work the minute they hit our shelves, and the few that aren’t will be soon after!

What can you get the outdoorsman who has everything?  His/her very own custom gunstock! We currently have multiple gunstocks in our store, and shortly there will be almost double the amount!  We are currently working on expanding our stock of Spalted Maple gunstocks as well.

Want to get up close and personal?  Check out our first ever video! This video will show you one of the first cuts into the crotch slabs and the beautiful figure we uncovered!

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