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Round Tables: What Size Do I Need? A Quick Buying Guide
round tables: what size do I need?

Round Tables: What Size Do I Need? A Quick Buying Guide

Are you looking to add a round table to your furniture collection? Have you found yourself scrolling through options online only to think to yourself, “Will this fit __ people?” Well, we have the perfect solution – keep on reading to find out the right sizing for however many people you hope to have at your round table!

Determine the Largest Diameter That Will Fit In Your Space

One of the most important steps when shopping for a round table top is to consider how much space you have available. Not only will this help you to determine how many people will be able to sit at your table, but it will also help you to plan other decor nearby. 

Measure your space first. Typically you will want between 42” – 48” of space between your table and the walls, so take 42” – 48” off of your measurements on each side that the table will come near a wall. 

Average Round Table Top Sizes

  • Up to 4 people: 36 – 42 inch diameter
  • 4-6 people: 42 – 60 inch diameter
  • 6-8 people: 72 inches or more diameter

What Are My Options For A Table Top?

There are tons of ways to achieve your ideal dining table size, whether you’d like a Live Edge dining table or a Custom Built table top! Once you have the size selected, you can use our website’s search filters to narrow down our thousands of options by Wood Type such as Black Walnut or Maple, Thickness, Diameter, Width, and Length to find all available live edge slabs and sets that meet your needs. 

You can also use our Custom Table Top Builder to design your own table! Customize the dimensions, choose from Rustic Black Walnut, Maple, or White Oak wood, choose your desired edge type and finishing options to get the Solid Wood Table you’ve always dreamed of.

Still Looking for More Inspiration?

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for plenty of live edge furniture project ideas! If you have questions that you would prefer to discuss with us directly, feel free to chat in on our website, give us a call, or send us an email! One of our Wood Experts will be happy to help!

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