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New Shotgun/Rifle Gunstock Listings!

New Shotgun/Rifle Gunstock Listings!

Be sure to check out our newly listed Black Walnut & Spalted Maple shotgun and rifle gunstock blanks!  We have a wide variety of both 2 piece shotgun and rifle blanks available in the sought after, world famous Midwest Black Walnut.

These highly figured pieces are loaded with all the figure you could imagine, including but not limited to curl, feather duster, fiddleback, stripe, rat tail, etc.  You’ll find everything from a rich, coffee colored stripe to a super figured exhibition gunstock, both one stock or buttstock & forearm.

Looking for a blonde wood?  Check out our gorgeous Spalted Maple.  We have everything from fiddleback figured Spalted Maple to Ambrosia and Black Line Spalt.  These pieces are beautiful and extremely unique, the perfect gift for the total outdoorsman!  Be sure to check out the link below!

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