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Makin’ Space For More Bigger Boards!

Makin’ Space For More Bigger Boards!

Well, we’ve seen the demand on our large slabs going up, so we just had to do something to make the drying process that much easier!  We had a cold spell, but the weather is back to being gorgeous, and we used those days to our advantage this week!

The kiln was just unloaded last week, and before we loaded it back up we made sure to save our backs and our time.  Two days were spent making our larger than ever “kiln cart”, and it proved to be beneficial! We were able to load everything up right outside and, with a little team work and a LOT of strength, wheel it all in quickly and efficiently.

The newest load is everything you’ve been asking about!  We have multiple thick, long and wide slabs ready for your next furniture project!  There’s a nice array of blonde woods, including Hackberry, Oak, Maple, etc. They’re going to need a good amount of drying time, so be sure to contact us if there’s anything specific you’re looking for!  Who knows, maybe we cut just the slab for you without even realizing it!

One more exciting thing!  We are now able to accept PayPal payments on our website!  So now, you can shop your heart out at our website, save at least 10% with our lower website prices, and check out with your PayPal account!

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