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Makin Room For More Lumber!

Makin Room For More Lumber!

Well, March is quickly approaching, and we’re starting to realize what we should have asked Santa for this past Christmas – a bigger kiln!  Check out these pictures – we have so many different highly figured slabs coming your way, we need to borrow someone else’s kiln!

On the truck, we have a wide selection of Black Walnut flitches, cut into super thick (2 1/2″ THICK!!! – estimated to dry to 2 1/4″ thick) slabs for DIY Bar Tops, Mantels, Bookmatched Table Tops and more!  Some of these slabs are cut with one straight edge, and they are STILL 24″ wide!  Now, we couldn’t give you large widths and thicknesses without some length! These slabs run from 60″ long to up to 12′ long!  Perfect for any project!

The slabs come in Nakashima style, rustic limb logs, super figured w/ fiddleback, curl, burl, rat tail and more!  There are even a few super select slabs for the more refined taste 🙂

Along with our Black Walnut load, we also have some super long and thick White Oak slabs, loaded with figure, flake and ray.  These have their live edges still in tact, making an awesome rustic piece. And don’t forget about our Spalted Ambrosia Maple!  No matter your taste in lumber, we’ve got just what you need!

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