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Beautiful Live Edge Wedding Decor!
Live Edge Wedding Decor

Beautiful Live Edge Wedding Decor!

Outdoor and natural-themed weddings are all the rage right now and we aren’t surprised! So many landscapes make such beautiful backdrops for a wedding and happy couples just cannot pass it up. “What,” you might ask, “would make an already beautiful setting even better?” Well, we think that adding touches of live edge wedding decor throughout will only serve to elevate the already exceptional scene. Keep reading for some great examples of live edge wedding decor to include in your own wedding!

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Live Edge Name Signs

One of the most traditional uses of live edge wedding décor is a name sign! Oftentimes these are placed at an entry point, sometimes by the guest book. While name signs can help people make sure they are at the correct wedding, they can also serve to preserve the memory of the ceremony after the big day. Imagine a gorgeous piece of wood engraved with your names, wedding date, and venue hanging in your home. It makes a great keepsake to remind yourself and your guests of the great times that were had at the wedding.

Live Edge Guest Book

Have you been looking for a keepsake guestbook that won’t just be left on a bookshelf for the rest of forever? We’d like to suggest a live edge guest book instead! This could take many forms and could even be incorporated into your name sign that we talked about above! As far as live edge wedding décor goes, this is by far our favorite as it incorporates all of your loved ones into a memory that will last lifetimes!

Live Edge Shot Ski

Depending on the kind of party you plan on throwing for your reception, a shot ski could be the perfect touch to include live edge wedding décor to your day! Maybe you and your partner met tailgating in college and you want a way to bring that detail into your wedding. A beautifully crafted shot ski can be a great way to do so, and you’ll also have something to bring with you to future tailgates with friends and family!

Tree Slice Centerpieces

If you are looking to incorporate live edge wedding décor into more of your wedding that just a sign, you can also use tree slices in your centerpiece! While this can be done a number of ways, the most popular way is to use it as a sort of place setting for candles, flowers, and other details you are including in other parts of your wedding. Not only is this a super easy project to DIY, but it also does a lot to tie in the natural theme you are aiming for!

Tree Slice Cake or Cupcake Stand

The last item on our list for live edge wedding décor is a tree slice cake or cupcake stand! If you are looking for a subtle way to incorporate wood or nature into your wedding day, a cake stand made from a tree slice has to be the way to go.
Are you having cupcakes instead of a single cake? Even better! Cupcake stands can be done with a tree slice or normal slabs built into a tiered stand. Not only would a tiered, live edge cupcake stand help to elevate the cupcakes that sit on it, but it can help separate different flavors or allergens so that guests with dietary restrictions know which ones they can safely eat. 
This list is far from complete with so many other ways to add live edge wood into your wedding day! To name just a few more, table numbers, a ring box, charcuterie boards, and welcome signs are all details that could be elevated with a little bit of live edge wood. 
Do you have some more ideas? Leave us a comment and tell us how you intend to use live edge wedding décor in your special day!
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