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Live Edge Mantels To Keep Your Home Cozy This Season!
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Live Edge Mantels To Keep Your Home Cozy This Season!

What is better than cozying up by the fireplace during the holidays? We at The Lumber Shack tend to believe that a live edge mantel might make the previous scene even better! Keep on reading for more details about live edge mantels!

What Is A Live Edge Mantel?

A live edge mantel is typically a thick-cut slab of wood with the natural edge of the tree still attached rather than cut off. A mantel is not only a great place to put decorations like family pictures, holiday décor, candles, and many others, but it can also be a nice way to tie your fireplace into the rest of your living room. 

Traditionally, fireplaces are made from stone or tile – both of which tend to be cooler colors. Adding a touch of wood with a live edge mantel piece can add some much needed warmth to your space!

What Wood Should I Use For My Live Edge Mantel?

Ultimately, the wood choice for your live edge mantel is completely up to you, but there are certainly some factors you should consider when making your purchase. If you intend to place objects on top of your mantel that have sharper edges or might sit for extended periods, a softer wood might be one to avoid if you don’t want to refinish the wood as often.

Another factor you should consider is the color of the wood. If you are looking to match your mantel to other wood pieces in your home, this can be a deciding factor. One great perk to having a wood mantel is that you can stain wood to better match existing pieces!

What Size Should My Live Edge Mantel Be?

The size of your live edge mantel depends entirely on your style preferences and the size of the fireplace it will be mounted over. Some might prefer a nice chunky and thick mantel piece while others may prefer a slimmer profile above their fireplace. Do you have a large wall space above your fireplace, or are you working with a tighter area that doesn’t offer flexibility on the size of your mantel? These are all important factors to consider when purchasing a live edge mantel!

What Finish Should I Use On My Live Edge Mantel?

A finish can make all the difference for your live edge mantel! Do you prefer that your wood furniture has a slight sheen to it, or would you rather it have a matte look? If you need to refinish your mantel, do you mind putting in a bit of effort or would you rather it is a quick touch up? 

There are so many options for finishing out there. Chances are that some of them might not be compatible with a mantel. In our shop, we use either Rubio Monocoat or a Satin Lacquer finish and both seem to hold their own on a mantel. Rubio Monocoat is incredibly easy to touch up, too!

Still Looking for More Inspiration?

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for plenty of live edge furniture project ideas! If you have questions that you would prefer to discuss with us directly, feel free to chat in on our website, give us a call, or send us an email! One of our Wood Experts will be happy to help!

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