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5 Excellent Live Edge Furniture Ideas for Your Home
Live Edge Furniture for Your Home | The Lumber Shack

5 Excellent Live Edge Furniture Ideas for Your Home

Live edge furniture has taken the interior design scene by storm in recent years and we can’t help but be on board. We’ve put together a list of the projects that our customers LOVE using our live edge slabs for. Keep reading to check them out!

What is Live Edge Furniture?

Live edge furniture is any piece of furniture that includes some form of live edge wood. The wood can be in any form, including tree slices, so long as the natural edge is still present. 

Dining Table Tops

By far the most common live edge furniture project you’ll come across are dining table tops, but despite their popularity, they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of style. If you’d like to stay the traditional course, go with a table top made only of high quality, live edge wood. If you’d rather embrace a more modern look for your dining table, take a look at river tables that use epoxy!

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are a great way to add a little spice to your bathroom décor with live edge furniture! We have had tons of customers turn beautiful slabs into works of art for their bathroom vanity, some of which you can see below! No matter your bathroom décor, there is a live edge slab that would look fantastic in your bathroom.


Another fantastic example of live edge furniture in your home is a mantel slab! These thick-cut slabs offer beautiful texture and make an excellent talking point during the holidays! We have a variety of mantel slabs that have been cut thicker than your average live edge slab, but don’t feel like you have to use a four inch slab for your mantel. If you’d rather a slimmer slab to match your style, go for it!

Coffee Tables/Side Tables

Are you looking for a smaller live edge furniture project to take on that will still pack a big punch? A coffee table or side table could be a great option! Just as with a live edge dining table, you can find or even build a coffee table or side table into just about whatever style you enjoy. These tables are a great way to ease into the live edge lifestyle you are bound to love!


Last but certainly not least are live edge benches. Whether you want to use a bench as indoor seating at your dining table or outdoor seating on your front porch, a live edge bench can accentuate any other live edge furniture accents in your home or can stand out all on its own. While we at The Lumber Shack offer our own made-to-order benches in Oak, Maple, or Walnut, you can turn almost any of the slabs on our website into a beautiful live edge bench for your home!

Still Looking for More Inspiration?

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for plenty of live edge furniture project ideas! If you have questions that you would prefer to discuss with us directly, feel free to chat in on our website, give us a call, or send us an email! One of our Wood Experts will be happy to help!

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