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Live Edge Design: Modern Farmhouse
Live Edge Design: Modern Farmhouse

Live Edge Design: Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse design style is by far one of the most popular trends as of late and we at The Lumber Shack are here to help you find the PERFECT table top to fit your aesthetic! From dark and moody walnut options to bright and sunny ash, we have a table top option that can be the star of any room in your modern farmhouse!

Live Edge Slabs in a Modern Farmhouse

Our favorite pick for modern farmhouse décor is easily a live edge slab. Since the farmhouse lifestyle is all about large and natural elements, the perfect slab can tie in all of your complimentary modern touches.

This bookmatched ash slab pictured to the left adds a lovely, rustic brightness to the farmhouse aesthetic of this dining area.

Custom Tables Tops in a Modern Farmhouse

If you have a space that is awkwardly spaced or if you just want a specifically sized table top, our Custom Table Top option may be a great fit for your Modern Farmhouse! From your standard rectangular top to a specially designed layout, we can build you a table top suited for your space!

The table to the right was built from walnut boards to match the existing flooring in this room. The customer loved the look of live edges, but couldn’t find a piece that worked well in this room, so they opted for the Custom Table Top option with our sculpted live edges. This edge type offers the lovely look and feel of a live edge on a table built from boards.

modern farmhouse walnut custom table top

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