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Kiln Dried, Ready to Be Planed & Purchased!

Kiln Dried, Ready to Be Planed & Purchased!

It has been a crazy week here at The Lumber Shack!  We started out the week with some beautiful weather, then it dipped down to almost single digits!  That didn’t stop mother nature from kickin it up a notch, and getting us to 67 degrees in some parts of the state!  We are being very spoiled…and getting really anxious and nervous for the storm we know has to hit soon!

Tuesday we were anticipating a large load of some new lumber, ready to plane and be listed for purchase!  In the lot, we have a variety of red Cherry lumber and highly figured Black Walnut lumber.  These will come in sizes from 1 1/4″ thick to up to 2″ thick! Perfect for your next project 🙂

We also received a large amount of the highly figured Nakashima Style Black Walnut live edge lumber slabs.  If you are new to the term, you’ll be pleased to see the awesome rat tail figure with circle grain, fiddleback and gorgeous colors.  These are some great slabs to use for a coffee table top, bench top, bar top, etc. They are loaded with character and perfect for any home!

Also on the load, we have a few sets of bookmatched Black Walnut highly figured slabs.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, these slabs make awesome dining room table tops, among other things!  Check out our finished projects here.

Be sure to check out our website frequently, as we are continuously adding new products.  We are in the process of increasing our volume, so check back frequently to stay up to date on the neat things we have for sale!

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