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It’s That Time Again…

It’s That Time Again…

Well, it’s that time again!  Along with the excitement of the photo contest coming to a close, we have been bustilng around the shop sawing some unique cuts, getting the kiln unloaded and reloading it up again!  It’s been a busy past few days, but we are excited to say we now have a plethora of slabs ready to be planed, pictured & described, and many more just loaded!

Check it out!  On the cart, you’ll see more round cut log slices than you can count, in various species such as Ash, Black Walnut, Red Flame Box Elder, Silver Maple, Spalted Maple and some unique Blue Spalted Pine!  These slices will be ready in just a few short weeks, and waiting for your next project! We have a blast figuring out different uses for these guys, such as clock face plates, serving platters, center piece platforms, cake platforms, end table tops and more!

Also on the kiln, we have some Aromatic Red Cedar slabs!  The look of these guys is just awesome! They have gorgeous red & white marbled colors, and are loaded with exotic, rustic character.  Along with these beauties, there are many other mantel, bar top, bench top and furniture lumber slabs loaded with character, figure and gorgeous coloring!

Did you have fun with the contest?!  We sure did! And, we are busy brainstorming for more fun, exciting things to do to stay involved and up to date with you!  Visit our Facebook Page & “Like” us to make sure you are kept up to date on all of the upcoming events and specials we have going on!

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