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IOWA DAY: All About Iowa’s Abundant Trees
Iowa Day: All About Iowa's Abundant Trees

IOWA DAY: All About Iowa’s Abundant Trees

February 8th is fondly known as Iowa Day so we thought it would be a great idea to showcase the beautiful and abundant trees that we have grown so fond of. All of our wood is sourced locally, so we have become quite familiar with a couple of the heavy hitters including Black Walnut, Ash, Maple, and Oak. Keep on reading to hear all about these trees and the gorgeous wood that they produce.

Black Walnut

A fan favorite across the world, black walnut offers a great contrast to traditionally lighter woods with its deep chocolate colored heartwood next to its yellow-gray sapwood. Commonly used for custom furniture, cabinetry, gunstocks, turning, and veneer, black walnut is a wood that will be put to great use in many applications.

Due to its popularity, black walnut will typically be priced higher than other woods found in Iowa, but it is definitely not without cause. While it doesn’t happen frequently, you can find walnut slabs with all sorts of figuring, such as curl, rat tail, birdseye, and many others.


One of the most consistent and trustworthy wood types found in Iowa is Maple. With a lovely golden white to reddish brown tone, maple wood can offer a nice and bright coloring that will match with tons of decor. Even though it is often overlooked as a boring wood, maple wood can boast some really interesting character including curl, flame, and quilting, but it can also have a feature called spalting.

Spalting is caused by a fungus that enters the wood as it begins to decay and creates deep black lines throughout the wood. Although this is technically a sign of decay, spalting adds a beautiful rustic contrast that is highly sought after. While maple isn’t the only wood type that spalts, it is by far the most common! Other species including sycamore, hickory, oak, pine, hackberry, and more can have the same or similar spalting to maple.


Oak has been considered one of the most popular hardwoods in the US for many years. You can see it within almost any home as cabinets, flooring, tables, chairs and more. The most commonly found oaks in Iowa are red oak and white oak. These species of oak are very similar in most of their characteristics such as the porosity, density, and workability. 

Though it is mostly considered a light to medium tone brown, oak’s heartwood can often throw slightly different tones. Red oak tends to have a reddish tone where white oak may have a more olive green tone. While its color is one of the factors that attract people to oak’s wood, another interesting feature is its porosity. The pores of oak wood are so large that some people have been able to use an oak dowel as a straw!

These are just the most popular wood types on our website and in Iowa, but we have lots more to offer! Stay updated on our inventory updates and more by following us on Facebook & Instagram and subscribing to our email and SMS lists!

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