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Introducing Sam, Our Spokes-Duck

Introducing Sam, Our Spokes-Duck

Hey Guys!  Sam here. I know you’re thinking, “What happened to Marvin?!”  We have been wondering the same thing! We woke up one morning and, POOF!, he was gone!  They say birds of a feather flock together, and that must be the case, because he took about half of our crew with him!

There were squaks around the nest that celebrity status wasn’t cut out for Marvin, and let’s just say with the stardom, he “didn’t see it coming” 😉  We like to think he took that big payout and is chillin’ on a pond somewhere in Florida, but who knows?!

We have just been squakin’ away, hangin’ out and enjoyin’ this nice weather we’ve had all winter.  Unfortunately, our skating rink melted and we had to swim a bit (In December?! Really?!), but now it’s back and frozen, and we feel like Michelle Kwan skatin’ our feet off.

Everyday, when we’re being fed, we hear the babble of the newest items that will be hitting our store.  From Do-It-Yourself Bookmatched Table Tops & Legs, Small Logs, Huge Turning Blocks, Knotty Pine Door & Window Trim & More, we can’t figure out how the guys keep coming up with ideas!  Can YOU think of anything more we could possibly add?! Drop us a line and let us know what you want to see!  Because frankly, our little duck brains are getting worn out!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some down time!  When the weather started getting colder, the guys were generous enough to build us our very own home!  Sounds like poker night and some boca burgers are on the agenda for these lucky ducks!

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