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Hot Trends: Live Edge Dining Table Tops
Live Edge Dining Table Tops

Hot Trends: Live Edge Dining Table Tops

With the holidays wrapping up, it’s the perfect time to settle back into your space! We all know guests can cause some extra wear and tear on your home, especially your dining table top. Is it time to update yours before the next holiday season?

Live Edge Tables come in all shapes, sizes, and wood types allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home. They are beautiful yet functional, where you can enjoy your dinner with the family, catch up with friends, or even just put together a puzzle. We have a variety of options to meet your specifications for a one of a kind piece. Choose from our bookmatched table top sets, live edge river table sets, or even design a custom piece with our customizable table top option!

You can use the Filters on our website to sort out the size you need or reach out to our sales team! We are available to help via live chat, phone or email Monday through Friday!

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