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Have You Seen THIS Before?!

Have You Seen THIS Before?!

Hello All!

Check out these pictures!  We had a customer of ours from Canada purchase some slabs and have them shipped to a company in Oregon to be infused with a sapphire blue color!  Upon shipment, we accidentally sent out an extra slab and received it back. Now, we get to see for ourselves exactly what this piece looks like! What do you think?

There are mixed emotions here at the shop on how we feel about this coloring.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s neat, and I’m sure once it’s been finished and made into a furniture piece, it’d be pretty cool.  The guys sure seem to love it, but us ladies have our doubts.  Maybe it’s the “cool” factor for the guys and the “um, this is not what wood is supposed to look like” factor for the girls, who knows?!  There is one thing we can all agree on, though! This is one unique piece, and regardless of whether it would match our living room furniture or not, it’s going to make a pretty neat and crafty piece of furniture!

Let us know what you think!  Comment on our Facebook Page and tell us whether you’re pro-blue slab or not so much!  You can also comment on the blog! Have something similar?  Email it to us!  We would love to see the crafty things you come up with!

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