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Live Edge Dining Tables: Give the Gift That Gathers
Dining table gift

Live Edge Dining Tables: Give the Gift That Gathers

Dining Tables are a place for connecting with friends and family. Let a new live edge dining table become the perfect gathering place for your home!

The Lumber Shack can help you create an heirloom piece you’ll treasure for a lifetime. We can help you choose a live edge slab or custom built a table top specific to your family size and dining space. We regularly stock bookmatched sets that piece together nearly seamlessly! Bookmatched sets are slabs cut from the same log kept together through the entire milling and drying process, many times these pieces are almost identical to each other, making perfect pairs to create the width needed for dining room tables.

Shopping for a Live Edge Dining Table

When shopping for the perfect table, bookmatched sets allow you to look at items larger than your finished dimensions as they can be cut down to length and width without losing the live edges. We offer one complimentary length cut and there is an additional feed for the width cuts. In some cases, depending on the size, the cut off can be used for a coordinating accent table! Instead of inserting table leaves when company comes, pair the smaller live edge table next to your large dining set or create a smaller, intimate seating area or place them end to end for a nearly seamless extension. This gives you the ability to make sure there’s always a seat at the table for everyone!

The photos below are a finished Bookmatched Black Walnut table top submitted by one of our customers. You can see the similarities in the slabs, and the middle joint is virtually seamless.

Photo Credit: Robert King

The above set was finished by Mr. King, but we do offer a large variety of finishing services if you’re not able or wanting to tackle this process! Our finishing services include flattening, prepare for finishing, and fully finished with either a Satin Lacquer or Rubio Monocoat oil final finish. You can read more about the different finishing levels here, and see behind the scenes footage of each process on our Instagram Page!

What Makes a Dining Table So Important?

Nothing makes a family feel right at home quite like gathering around the family table. According to The Family Dinner Project, an organization that studies the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of regular family meals, gathering around the dining table is attributed to higher academic performance, self-esteem, sense of resilience, along with a long list benefits on into adulthood.  A new custom, built live edge dining set also makes a great family gift for adult children or spouses. It’s a great way to commemorate new beginnings and transitions in new homes as well.

How Do I Choose the Right Dining Table for My Family?

Our “Add to Compare” tool to can be used to compare different options side-by-side to see which fits your needed dimensions, preferred appearance, and budget. All of our live edge slabs are one-of-a-kind and sold on a first come, first serve basis so don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team with any questions!

We stock Rustic Wide Slab Legs with Gussets and Rustic Black Walnut T-shaped Table Legs  to complete your purchase as well. We’re happy to add a complimentary leg layout and predrill the holes for easy assembly upon receipt for any table legs purchased from The Lumber Shack. If you’ve selected table legs from a different vendor and would like us to layout and predrill the holes still, this is a service we offer at an additional cost.

Any member of our team would be happy to assist you by compiling options for you to consider for your live edge table top or gift, and help finalize the piece of your choice!  We can’t wait to work with you!

Need a little design inspiration? Visit our Pinterest page and Inspiration Gallery for more project ideas.

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