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Get a Jump Start on Your Rifles & Shotguns!

Get a Jump Start on Your Rifles & Shotguns!

Fresh off the saw, we have some gorgeous Black Walnut highly figured rifle gunstock blanks and shotgun forearms and buttstocks!  These gunstocks have been cut green –TODAY – and are currently being described and pictured as we speak!  Immediately following picturing, they are going back out to the shop to be waxed and ready for your purchase!

In the past, we have waited to make our gunstocks available until they have been dried and ready to work, generally air drying but occasionally kiln drying (always noting which one, of course!)  As with all of our other recent products, we decided to try something new! Of course, we want to make sure to cater to each and every one of our customers’ needs, so we figured we’d have a whack at supplying you with some green gunstocks!

What do you want to see next?  Drop us a line or post on our Facebook Page to let us know what you’d like to see!  We are always welcoming fresh ideas, and love coming up with new things!  And don’t forget to check out our customer photos while you’re dropping us a line!  We frequently update our photo albums, showcasing the newest pictures emailed to us!

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