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From The Sawmill to the Kiln

From The Sawmill to the Kiln

Hey There!

We hope the days leading up to Christmas are treating you well!  We posted a video last week showing the sawing process of some of our unique Black Walnut oval cut log slices, and now we’re getting them (among many other pieces) loaded into the kiln!  If you haven’t seen these guys, you’re sure missing out!

The oval shapes are in pretty high demand, and we can see why!  They make an awesome table top for an end table or coffee table, among other things!  We have seen natural edged name plates, center pieces, serving platters, cake platters, clocks, etc made out of these rustic slabs, and continue to learn more uses as our customers send us pictures!  If you check out our Customer Photos on the website, you can see a few of the uses.  One of the most unique we’ve seen is the turkey that was mounted upright…we are still curious to find out where this wild bird is perched in it’s owners house!  So cool!

Another item we have in the kiln are some thick Black Walnut nakashima style bench/coffee table top slabs.  These slabs are unique and exotic in the way they are cut.  The log is cut length wise at the crotch, giving the slabs an awesome rat tail figure and “Y” shape.  They’re even more cool when they have the live edge and the marbled colors! There are plenty of uses for these slabs, but my personal favorite is when they’re used as a bench.

Be sure to keep checking back to our website and see the new items listed weekly!  We have a wide array of lumber types, shapes and sizes coming soon!  Some of the upcoming listings include (but are not limited to) Black Walnut, Red Flame Box Elder, Spalted Ambrosia Maple, Aromatic Red Cedar, Sycamore, Knotty Pine, & more!  And DON’T forget the furniture! We are adding new furniture pieces frequently!

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