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Fresh Out of The Kiln!

Fresh Out of The Kiln!

Check out what’s coming soon to inventory on the website!  We have a nice load of some super thick slabs that have just come out of the kiln!  These guys are so large, they had to spend a good two months in the kiln, drying out and preparing for purchase!

Pictured, you’ll see a gorgeous Black Walnut shelf/mantel slab.  This slab is loaded with character, with beautiful fiddleback and curly figures, along with much more!  The colors are awesome, and there is a wonderful sap line running evenly along the edges of this mantel.  The live edges are fully in tact, and would look awesome on your wall!

Along with this slab, we have many other slabs of similar thicknesses coming to our inventory, ready for your next project!

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