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Beautiful Custom Table Tops For Your Home Or Office
Custom Table Tops | The Lumber Shack

Beautiful Custom Table Tops For Your Home Or Office

Selecting a table top that fits your space perfectly can often be a challenge. We at The Lumber Shack have created a way to avoid some of the hassle of picking out a table that will perfectly fit your space – the custom table top! Keep reading to hear all about how you can create the table top of your dreams!

Choosing The Right Size For Your Custom Table

Since the size of a table is almost always the biggest constraint when looking for a live edged or even straight edged table, we wanted to make sure that you could choose a custom table in a range of sizes. 

In fact, we went as far as giving you an option for the thickness, too. The standard custom table tops are built to approximately 1 ½” thick, but we added a 3”, thickened edge option as well. For this option, we build our standard custom tables a little longer and a little wider than your final dimensions, and fold over the perimeter of the table top to give you the appearance of a thicker top. This method allows the grain to be mirrored on the ends and sides of the table top for a more consistent look and avoids the heft of a 3” solid thick table top.

Picking The Perfect Shape For Your Custom Table

Traditionally speaking, table tops are usually thought of as rectangles or circles, but one of the best parts of a custom table is the fact that you can create a variety of shapes! Would you like an L-Shaped desk for your work-from-home setup? You got it! Do you have a unique countertop layout and need a custom shape? No problem! A custom table top is a fantastic way to truly customize your space to fit your needs.

What Is The Right Wood Type For Your Custom Table?

Since everyone has different tastes, we at The Lumber Shack wanted to offer three different wood types for our custom table tops! Choose between white oak, maple, or black walnut for your table top and create the table top you’ve always hoped for.

Which Finishing Option Is Perfect For Your Custom Table?

We are well aware of the fact that many of our customers like to do some, if not all, of the finishing work themselves, so why wouldn’t we give them the option on our custom table tops as well? We are happy to offer these custom table tops with both a fully finished option and a DIY/Unfinished option available. 

Unfinished pieces are built to your dimensions and flattened on both sides, giving you level surfaces to work with, leaving all of the exciting final details for you. Finished pieces are built to your dimensions, flattened, sanded to a 220 grit on the top side, have all voids and cracks filled with epoxy, and are sealed with a finish. 

Whether you want a table top ready for installation or one that you can put some sweat and tears into, there is a finishing option right for you!

Have You Considered What Type Of Edge Your Custom Table Should Have?

The difference between straight edges and live edges can be a huge determining factor for many when opting for a custom table top since it is often difficult to recreate the live edge on a table built out of boards. Lucky for you, we’ve had a lot of practice sculpting live edges on our custom table tops

With a sculpted live edge, you can have the soft, natural look while also getting a table top that is exactly what you need. If you are looking for a sleek, modern look at your exact dimensions, a straight edge is the way to go! 

Selecting Your Sanding Finish For Your Custom Table

The last custom option you can select for your table is the sanding finish. Depending on how you choose to use your table might influence what you’d like the texture to be. Our rustic grinder finish adds a rustic texture to the surface of the table while being smooth enough so that you do not catch splinters while using it. On the other hand, our smooth sanded finish is a more traditional finish that offers a 100% smooth table top.

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