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Commercial Live Edge Furniture – Live Edge Furniture & Decor for your Commercial Space
Commercial Live Edge Furniture

Commercial Live Edge Furniture – Live Edge Furniture & Decor for your Commercial Space

The live edge furniture industry has taken the residential space by storm and commercial spaces are quickly catching the live edge furniture bug, too! The Lumber Shack has worked on several impressive commercial live edge furniture and décor builds and we would love to work with you on your next table, bar top, or décor project. Keep reading to see why commercial live edge furniture is all the rage and why you should jump on board!

Desk Tops

One of the most obvious choices in commercial live edge furniture are desk tops. They are something you use every single day, so why not boast something beautiful like a custom live edge desk? As you can see in the photos below, you can make your desk top into whatever you need or want it to be. The Lumber Shack has TONS of live edge slabs that would make perfect desk tops!

Restaurant Tables

Are you starting up a new restaurant and LOVE the look of solid wood table tops? The Lumber Shack has built many a custom table top for restaurants across the United States. These beautiful table tops come in white oak, maple, or black walnut and can be built to your specific dimensions. You can see an example of a huge order that we worked on below! Do you just need one statement table in your dining area? We can do that, too!
Commercial Restaurant custom table tops
Custom Table Tops for a Restaurant

Conference Tables

In a commercial setting, a beautiful conference table can make a big statement. From hosting company executives to special guests, a live edge conference table can easily impress any crowd that sits at it. Since there is such variation in different types of wood, you can customize the table to exactly the vision you are reaching for. Check out some examples below!

Product Display Tables

If you have a retail space, live edge display tables can help you bring life to the product on the shelves and entice your shoppers even more! Whether they are huge, long tables or small circular tree slices like the ones below, a live edge display table could make all the difference in the right storefront.
tree slice round product displays

Wall Art

As far as commercial live edge furniture goes, wall art is our added exception. Technically it isn’t furniture, but it can add HUGE impact within a commercial space. We have worked with a few businesses to set up wall art installations that have completely changed the look and feel of the space that they were installed in. We actually have a few pieces of live edge wall art in our own offices!


Live edge benches are yet another great way to make an impact on those who enter your commercial space. We at The Lumber Shack offer custom made benches in Maple, Walnut, and White Oak, but don’t let your imagination stop there! We are always willing to try a new project so reach out with your most creative ideas! See the image below for a great example of a custom bench we did for the Des Moines Civic Center. 
Custom Log Benches Des Moines, Iowa
Custom Log Benches in Des Moines Civic Center

The Lumber Shack would love to help you create a piece of commercial live edge furniture that will help your space flourish, so contact one of our Wood Experts today!

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