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How Do You Care for Wood Furniture? Tips to Keep Your Wood Furniture in Tip-Top Shape | The Lumber Shack

How Do You Care for Wood Furniture? Tips to Keep Your Wood Furniture in Tip-Top Shape | The Lumber Shack

After all the time put into searching, planning, and finishing, your Solid Wood Furniture is finally installed and ready to use! Now you have just one more thing to do: learn how to care for it! This is the most important thing to know when you have any kind of Solid or Live Edge Wood Furniture in your home. These pieces have been built to last a lifetime and knowing the ideal environment and care will allow you to be sure they last.

Live Edge River Table, Live Edge Epoxy Table Top

The Environment & Care for Wood Furniture

The first thing you want to consider is the environment the wood furniture will be in. Is the humidity controlled? Is your dining room table close to heating or AC vents? Is there direct sunlight shining on your live edge coffee table? All of these are factors that can possibly affect your solid wood piece, even after it has been finished. 

Variations in humidity levels and temperature may cause wood slab furniture to contract or expand, which can lead to warping or cracking. Recommended humidity levels for solid wood furniture are between 30-50%. If your home’s humidity is controlled with a dehumidifier or a humidifier, we recommend making sure these are not placed directly by the wood furniture. 

Direct sunlight can cause sun fading and discoloration of the wood slabs. All of these changes can be corrected with refinishing, but protecting the wood against them will extend the time before refinishing is needed. If you are planning to use your finished wood furniture outdoors, it is likely these changes will happen sooner and the piece will need more frequent refinishing.

Solid Wood Table Tops, Live Edge Wood Table Tops

Cleaning Methods for Wood Furniture

Now that you’ve considered the environment, you’ll want to check the recommended cleaning methods for the finish you’ve applied. This information should be available on the product label or manufacturer’s website, and it is important to follow their instruction to avoid any damage to the finish. 

If your piece was finished by us, we use either Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C or GeminiGem Coat Pre-Cat Satin Lacquer finish. These are both durable and easy to care for! Rubio finished pieces can be cleaned with a Damp Rag or Rubio Monocoat Soap or Surface Care Spray. These options will not affect the unique bond between the wood and the Rubio Oil finish. For Satin Lacquer finished pieces, you should use a damp cloth and mild soap if needed. Avoid moving the damp cloth in circles or against the grain as this can cause scratches in the surface. Never use silicone or wax-based products to “polish” the surface! This will cause a cloudy build up and damage the lacquer finish.

All Solid Wood Pieces will need refinishing at some point in their life, but considering these factors above will help you avoid any major changes and extend the time between refinishing! If you have any other questions on caring for your Solid Wood Furniture, our team is happy to help!

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