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Busy Week at The ‘Shack!

Busy Week at The ‘Shack!

Well, it’s definitely been a super busy week here at The Lumber Shack!  Remember when we mentioned we have to use someone else’s kiln, because we are cutting so many large slabs?!  Well, our first load finally came back!

These highly figured, deep chocolate colored Black Walnut slabs were cut in the last week of December (since we were having such ridiculously amazing weather!), described and pictured in the wet, rough stage and sent off to a contracted-out kiln to be dried!  Because of the insane thickness of these puppies (Over THREE inches thick!), the slabs were drying for over ten weeks, at a maximum temperature of 150 degrees!

We posted these slabs rough and raw on the website, stating that they were not planed, and currently in the kiln.  What a turn out we got! Half of these enormous slabs sold before we even got them out of the kiln, but there are still some left!  We just have to put the finishing touches on the listings, take some new measurements and get the pictures all prettied up, and you can take a look at what you need for your next project!  Be sure to check back frequently!

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