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Bar Tops, Mantels, Bookmatched Sets & More!

Bar Tops, Mantels, Bookmatched Sets & More!

Between our on-site kiln and the two kilns we rotate with, it seems like every time we turn around we are emptying and re-loading the kilns up!  Ready to be loaded up are some real gems, check it out!

We have a large selection of super thick Black Walnut bookmatched flitches! These guys are up to 18′ long and 24″ wide! What an eye catcher, and so, so pretty!  They are loaded with fiddleback figure along with curl, rat tail, wild live edges and a rich chocolate color.  Doing any re-modeling, or know someone who is? You won’t want to miss these!

To check out all the pictures we take around the shop and share, become our fan on Facebook!  We frequently upload pictures of what’s going on in the shop, different jobs, new items, fun activities and more for you to enjoy!  Have a project you’ve been working on and want to show off?  Share it with us!  We love to see what our customers are up to, and our other customers love getting ideas from the unique, one of a kind projects you come up with!

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