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Back to Work After a Long Thanksgiving Weekend!

Back to Work After a Long Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hello All!

Here at thelumbershack, we hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and were able to pig out on tons of delicious foods!  We sure did, and we even got some good shopping in, too! And from the looks of things, so did our customers!

Over the weekend, we ran our Black Friday Special, offering 25% off of orders over $75.  You wouldn’t believe the inventory flying off our shelves!

Most customers stocked up on all of their favorite figured Black Walnut, Spalted Maple, Red Cedar & more, while others chose our more unique pieces.

One of our favorite new products are the fun, versatile stump stools.  Usually taken from a highly figured Black Walnut crotch cut, these stools can be used for anything!  A personal favorite is to use it as an end table. The perfect addition to a rustic, outdoorsy home or cabin!

Another super seller from this weekend was gunstocks!  We have heavily expanded our figured gunstock inventory over the past few months, and have really seen some great results!  Currently, our selection is in Black Walnut and Spalted Maple rifle gunstocks & shotgun buttstocks & forearms, but don’t be surprised to find new additions!  We are always looking to expand and make our store more and more unique. Also, be sure to check back soon, as next, we will be blogging about the 8 crotches currently being cut into for even more gunstocks!  Videos will be posted to YouTube shortly as well.

As you can see below, Monday morning our guys were ridiculously busy getting the newly purchased pieces securely packaged up and shipped off to their new homes!

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