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Awesome Bookmatched Dining Room Table ~ In Progress

Awesome Bookmatched Dining Room Table ~ In Progress

Check out our newest project!  In the pictures below, you will see one of the newest items we are preparing to list to the website!

This Black Walnut bookmatched dining table top set is highly figured and full of character!  Normally, we would say leave the void, it’s the table’s natural beauty, but this time we decided to try something different!  These pieces have large voids that go entirely through the slabs at some spots. Instead of filling in the voids or laying a large piece of glass over the top of the table once it’s been sanded and varnished, we routered some highly figured pieces to the under side of the table, and put our imagination to work!

We have heard great things about a new product from some of our woodworking friends, and figured we’d give it a try.  The voids are being filled in with a clear epoxy, which creates a crystal clear coating so you can see the natural beauty of this rustic piece of furniture.  In these pictures, you will see us applying the second layer of epoxy (taken today). We are extremely impressed with how this piece is starting to turn out. Be sure to continue to check back, as we post more pictures of our work in progress!

Do you have a project that you have recently completed, or that you are currently working on?!  Please share! We LOVE to see the projects our valued customers are working on, and we enjoy it when our Facebook Page is flooded with new pictures of projects!  Every picture that is posted to our Facebook Page or emailed to us is immediately posted to our site for everyone to see!  Whether you’ve purchased a lumber project pack, highly figured gunstock, rustic taxidermy slab, live edge bench slab/bar top, etc, we can’t wait to see the crafty, creative ways you put our lumber to use!

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