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And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is…

Well, as of noon today, we tallied up the votes in the Facebook Photo Contest, and are excited to announce the winners!

Taking first place with a whopping 213 votes is John Maher of Cambridge, MA.  He submitted a beautiful live edge Black Walnut Nakashima style bench.  We are excited to see what John’s next project with his $250.00 gift certificate in the store is!

Coming in at a close second, we have Richard Miller of Plains, KS with 200 votes.  He made a unique coffee table with a Black Walnut log slice inlay.  This coffee table was constructed of only wood dowels, using no metal anywhere in that beautiful piece of furniture!  What will he do with his $100.00 gift card toward his next purchase at our store?

Our final winner was Laurie Parker of Oklahoma City, OK.  She submitted a gorgeous live edge Black Walnut lumber slab with some very detailed wood burnings, and won 47 votes!  We wonder if she’ll make another neat wood burning plaque with her $50.00 gift certificate to our store?

We want to thank everyone for their entries into our contest, and for helping us kick off a fun new activity to repeat frequently!  All of the entries were absolutely awesome and crafted using tons of talent, and we are excited to be able to share your work with all of our fans!  Thanks to everyone who voted – here in the office we couldn’t decide who’s project was the “best”, so we definitely were glad to not have to choose for ourselves.  Keep the pictures coming, we will definitely be having more of these fun contests!

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