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After Much Anticipation…It’s Here!

After Much Anticipation…It’s Here!

Some of you remember our blog from February about the Spalted Ambrosia Maple slab that was sent to Oregon and infused with sapphire blue coloring.  All we can say is it was definitely not what we were expecting, and it’s made a unique project for us! The wait is up, and we’re here to show you the super awesome coffee table we’ve come up with!

We went to town on the slab, planing and sanding it until it was flawless (well, flawless minus the large, awesome crack and multiple hairline cracks that give this retro-looking piece a rustic edge as well).  Afterwards, we weighed it. Originally, this piece of Spalted Maple weighed roughly 20 pounds. After the infusions, it shot up to right around 40 pounds! I can only imagine what weight bigger slabs would gain!  We then varnished it, and waited very impatiently for our hair pin legs to come in!

The ridiculously unique slab sparked quite the discussion on our Facebook Page, raising some questions on whether this would be taken with open arms or scrunched up noses.  Around the shop, we had mixed feelings about it as well, the ladies thinking it looked “a little smurfy” to us.  I have to say, initially I wasn’t too impressed with this crazy blue slab, however it is starting to grow on me.  Is it because I’ve seen it repeatedly for the past month? Or maybe because of all the hype from the guys? Am I gaining a new found love for blue?  Or am I just trying to be a little more open minded? Who knows! One thing’s for sure, though, it’s definitely not something you see every day…or in every home!

So, what do you think?  Is this something we should look into?  Or is it something that’s neat at first, but probably not going to get much more attention than that?  Drop us a line and let us know!

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