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A Word From Marvin

A Word From Marvin

Hey Guys!  Marvin, here.  Yes, it’s me. The infamous one eyed duck down at The Lumber Shack!  I’ll sign autographs later, no pictures please!

My duck friends and I really enjoy the life of luxury we gained when arriving at The Lumber Shack.  Customers and guests bring us corn, the boys chase us around and play with us, sometimes we even get pieces of bread!  Don’t forget those workers who sure work hard, and even take the time to spoil us! Check out this awesome ice skating rink we now have to play around in-how cool is that?! Our very own ice rink! Pretty safe to say we are some lucky ducks.

We are just busy squawking away, trying to figure out who’s nest to have our tofurkey Christmas dinner in, and finishing up our Christmas shopping!  Last weekend, we got some snow and now it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Just wanted to pop in and say that we definitely feel blessed this holiday season, and hope you do too!  Have a safe and happy holiday season, and don’t forget to post/email pictures of your newest projects so we can feature them on our website and social media pages!  We love to see the fun, creative things our customers make!  Unless, of course, we see our friends mounted on them. Then, we get a little sad 😉  Happy Holidays!


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