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A Visitor

A Visitor

On Wednesday morning, we had a pleasant surprise!  Recently, we sent out post cards to woodworkers that we found on an online forum.  One of the woodworkers that got our post card was ironically from our neck of the woods!

A retired pharmacist, Del Kramersmeier has a woodturning business not 20 miles from The Lumber Shack, called Southpaw Wood Kreations.  Due to an illness as a young child, he has completely lost the use of his right arm.  Not only are his “kreations” high quality and gorgeous, but even more amazing now that we know it was all done with only the use of his “south paw”!

In the pictures, you’ll see the group of items he brought to show us.  There are two pet urns (pictured to the right is a close up of the threads – 16 per inch!!! ), a laquered goblet, a white oak burl, a gorgeous christmas tree ornament and a really neat Spalted Ambrosia Maple bowl with an Ebony bottom.  As you’ll see in the close up of the White Oak Burl, there is TONS of burly, curly figure. It’s just awesome, a wood workers dream! We thought it was really crafty and unique that, most wood turners “would turn” down a block with a large void or bark inclusion, but not this guy!  He made a beautiful piece using that as one of the focal points, and the uniqueness of it is just incredible.

They truly are amazing pieces, and the story behind them is just awesome. Unfortunately, these were done before he knew about us, but he definitely went home with some gifts from us, and hopefully soon we’ll be able to put some pieces up that he crafted from our lumber!

Have your own story and products?  Get a hold of us! We love seeing the fun things our customers make, and hearing the story behind what got them started in the exciting hobby of woodworking!  And if you’re ever in central Iowa – STOP IN! We have many customers we get to know pretty well through email, but it’s always nice to put a face with a name 🙂

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