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A Sneak Peek at What We Have Coming Soon!

A Sneak Peek at What We Have Coming Soon!

Well, it’s just around the corner!  Are YOU done with all of your holiday shopping?  We finally are…except…oh no! I forgot mom’s gift!  Guess I’ll have to make ANOTHER trip to the mall tonight! 😉

We have been super busy busting our butts at The Lumber Shack getting the corn crib re-filled as orders are flying out the doors daily!  In the pictures, you’ll see what we have coming up in the next few weeks!

Look closely, and you’ll see a large variety of different lumber species, shapes, and sizes!  In the front middle, you’ll see our awesome Red Flame Box Elder slabs that are just loaded with unique, rustic character!  Along with that, you’ll find super thick Spalted Ambrosia Maple bologna cut log slices, Red Flame Box Elder Log Slices (even better?!  these pieces have some blues and greens as well – SO COOL!), Black Walnut super fiddleback figured oval cut slabs, feather duster figured White Oak crotch slabs and more!  The Spalted Maple slabs are loaded with spalt, smoky colors, ambrosia and black line-they are sure to catch the eye of anyone and are going to make some awesome crafts for our busy customers!

In the shop, ready to be sawn and planed, we have some jumbo sized Spalted Maple turning blocks.  These blocks were cut green from a log 2+ years ago, and immediately following picturing, they will be end sealed with Anchor Seal.  In the individual listings on our site, you’ll see that the spalt, black line, ambrosia and smoky colors run through the entire blocks, making sure you have a super figured piece to turn from!

We’ve said it multiple times this season, and can’t say it enough.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your awesome business and for sharing what you’ve done with our product.  We have a blast looking at the unique ways our customers take our unfinished slabs and turn them into some of the coolest things we’ve seen.  Keep the pictures coming, and enjoy your holidays with friends and family!

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