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A Round & A Round We Go!

A Round & A Round We Go!

It’s been ages since we’ve posted, and we are so sorry for that!  Summer, as with every other holiday and season this past year, has snuck up on us and we have been busy harvesting trees to fill up our inventory!

We are uber excited to show off the newest item to our collection!  We’ve seen a huge increase in the log slice sales, and decided to try bigger and better things!

Watch our website closely, and you’ll see many more round cut bologna log slice slabs rushing in!  But, these aren’t just ANY tree log slices.  We have them in a variety of White Ash, Black Walnut, Red Flame Box Elder, Spalted Ambrosia Maple, Hard Maple & Blue Spalted Knotty Pine!  These puppies range from a diameter of 20″ all the way up to 28″! There are some even BIGGER slices that haven’t been pictured or described yet.  You won’t have to wait long, though! They are so big, they won’t fit through the planer, so we will be listing them as rough cut and ready for you to work on!

Keep checking back to see the new, exciting things we have to offer, and don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page!  Like us on Facebook and keep up to date on all of the happenings going on at the shop!

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