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A Closer Look: Custom Finishing Options
custom finishing options the lumber shack

A Closer Look: Custom Finishing Options

We help customers choose the perfect piece for their woodworking projects. Every day we touch a full spectrum of potential projects, from the restaurateur looking to furnish their next location with commercial table tops and bars to our hobbyist woodworker looking for live edge pieces to create the most unique and labor intensive artisan crafts.

Once we’ve finished selecting products, it’s on to discuss our custom finishing options. Here’s a more detailed look into the work we do inside the shop. 

Joint & Glue Up Table Top

Our bookmatched sets typically come in pairs, but, can come in sets of 3 or more pieces. Our shop team uses their tried and tested methods to joint and glue pieces as seamlessly as possible. 


Most of our inventory has been planed on one or both sides, but planing is different than flattening. The planer makes a piece smooth, but doesn’t get the piece truly flat. Our skilled team operates our CNC machine to flatten our live edge pieces to ensure you receive a fully flat and level surface. It’s particularly important for live edge pieces destined to become countertops, bar tops, shelving, mantels, or dining tables

Prepare Slab for Finishing

Our finishing technician spends hours meticulously making your piece smooth, soft, and fully sanded so you don’t have to! We start out at 100 grit sandpaper and work our way up to a smooth 220 grit. If you’re “somewhat” of a DIYer or have a particular finish you want used, this is the perfect option for you! Spare yourself the time intensive work and receive a piece ready for a final finish to be applied.

Finish Slab

If you’d like to receive a piece ready to install, our finishing team will complete all the final touches. We use either a Satin Lacquer or Rubio Monocoat oil finish on all of our custom pieces. This is the icing on the cake and highlights all the beautiful, natural characteristics in the wood grain and character. Our Instagram and  Pinterest page are full of inspiration photos of fully finished pieces from our shop and our talented customers.

We also complete epoxy services to fill in all holes, voids, and cracks and give your piece a smooth, level surface. Choose to keep your piece more natural with a clear or sawdust epoxy, or add a bit of flair with one of our many color choices!  For more detailed information visit our Finishing Options Information page.

Our team is here to help you through every step of the process, so don’t hesitate to reach out! We can’t wait to work with you!

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